Splendia.com Website Review & Ratings + Splendia Hotels Coupons
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Splendia.com Website Review & Ratings + Splendia Hotels Coupons

Splendia Hotels: Products & Services

Splendia Hotels is a hotel booking site that offers exclusive rates and member benefits on a special assortment of luxury and boutique hotels. With over 5,000 hotels in 130 countries, Splendia aims to help guests have a luxurious experience from the moment they make reservations through their stay by offering unique and memorable hotels and excellent customer service.

Although Splendia’s primary function is to book hotels, they also offer an array of other services. They want to keep the traveler informed of the lasted travel trends, hotel reviews, expert advice and travel support.

Splendia Hotels: Company Background

Splendia Hotels was founded in 2004 by Elie de Coignac and Benoit Durand while in Marrakesh after being inspired by the many Moroccan palaces they encountered. Wanting to offer something unique to their customers, Coignac and Durand decided to focus on only the most luxurious and interesting of hotels.

With corporate locations in Paris, Barcelona and Hong Kong, Splendia has had major expansion since launching eight years ago. The team has jumped from two to 80 and the collection of hotels offered by Splendia has reached 5,000 worldwide.

Splendia Hotels makes an effort to provide an instant feeling of luxury with a visually appealing website and a simple, efficient booking process. Functioning like many other hotel booking sites, Splendia helps customers narrow their search for the perfect hotel by offering a selection of options. The guests must first select a destination. Guests are welcomed to peruse all 130 countries and all 5,000 hotels offered if they so choose, or they can simply select their dream destination and enter in the dates of desired stay. Splendia will then provide a list of available hotels at a best rate guarantee.

To customize the search further, customers can narrow their choices by selecting certain categories of hotels. The choices provided by Splendia are:

  • Luxury hotels
  • Design hotels
  • Private beach hotels
  • Best-rated hotels
  • Spa hotels
  • Boutique hotels
  • Golf hotels
  • Romantic hotels
  • Special offers hotels
  • Swimming pool hotels
  • 4-star hotels
  • 5-star hotels
  • Family hotels
  • Modern hotels
  • Classic hotels
  • Eco-friendly hotels
  • Gay-friendly hotels
  • Business hotels

Basically, there is a large variety to choose from, allowing guests to create their very own sense of luxury. Splendia maintains a strict criteria and every hotel is handpicked and evaluated based on their luxury, character, service quality and uniqueness. Hotels do not pay to be a part of the selection. Splendia claims to be an honest and reliable booking site.

Splendia Hotels: Customer Feedback & Reviews

After a guests stay, Splendia will ask for a customer review by providing a score out ten for different facets of service. Only verified hotel guests may make a review. According their site, here are their ratings out of 17 reviews:

  • Would you recommend the hotel: 86% said, “yes.”
  • Locations: 7.4
  • Public areas of hotel: 8.0
  • The room: 9.1

The individual hotel reviews are plentiful and generally favorable. Most reviews rank over average. Although many of the reviews on the Splendia website are positive, they are hard to understand because many are in other languages.

However, on Trustpilot.com the reviews overall ratings are low. Out of 26 reviews, 12 are 2-stars, 9 reviews are average and five reviews are high.

Common complaints with the low-raters:

  • Confusing cancellation policy. Although their sites states “Free of charge to cancel,” there are some charges depending on the hotel booked.
  • 20% booking fee disguised as apart of room rate.
  • Misinformation about room descriptions, hotel events.
  • Best rates not always guaranteed.
  • Problems with credit cards and overcharging

On Tripadvisor.com the reviews are remarkably different. Most customers seem very pleased with their hotel, room-rate and overall experience. Some people have claimed to have saved over 50% by booking with Splendia instead of booking directly with the hotel.

Overall, the reviews are positive. The only negative reviews were on Trustpilot.com.  Among international guests Splendia has a very good reputation; this may be due to the fact that the company is based outside the United States. The negative reviews appear to be bad cases of misunderstandings.

Splendia Hotels: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Splendia does not have a BBB rating, but Splendia Ltd is incorporated in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Certificate #37491060-000-12-11-5, Travel license #353156 and TIDS number #96-6 3537 2. They also were awarded Travel d’Or in 2011, which is a travel site rating award.

Although Splendia Hotels does not have much media coverage in the United States, they have mentions in international news outlets.

Splendia Hotels: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

According to Alexa.com in the last three months Splendia Hotels has had a traffic rank of 16,619. The site primarily appeals to postgraduate, high-income, childless, women Caucasians that are browsing from work.

On Google Page Rank, Splendia.com has a rating of 4/10.

Splendia.com isn’t has popular overall as other booking sites such as Hotels.com. The focus of luxury and high-end hotels make for a very specific audience and among those people as described by Alexa.com, Splendia.com is quite popular.

Splendia Hotels: Social Media Presence

The social media presence of Splendia Hotels is very social. They have a facebook account, a twitter account, a blog, pinterest account and a linkedin account.

  • Facebook: Has 18,114 likes and 563 talking about Splendia Hotels.
  • Twitter: Has 3,712 followers.
  • Linkedin: Has 34,622 members to their group.
  • Blog: Features travel tips on specific locations. The blog is updated about once a week.
  • Pinterest: Has 24 boards, 1,330 pins, 24 likes.
Splendia Hotels: Website Security & Safety

Splendia Hotels is a secure site that currently has no cause for concern. They have safe practices according Google Safe Browsing and take special measures on their site to ensure save monetary transactions.  

When making an booking a room on Splendia.com customers will see a badge from Thawte that they are 100% secure.

Splendia Hotels: Pricing & Packages

Pricing really depends on a number of factors such as the hotel, the destination and the date of stay. For example, a weekend in Rome during August can run from $61 to $350 for a 4 to 5-star hotel.  Although other hotel booking sites may offer lower room rates, they don’t necessarily cater to the luxury of the customers. Only high-end hotels make the cut on Splendia.com, therefore their price range is higher than most other sites.

When compared to Hotels.com, Splendia.com actually had better pricing for the same hotels in Rome for the same weekend.

However, on Booking.com the same hotel on the same weekend in Rome was less, but others Splendia.com had better pricing.

It’s always best to do as much research as possible, but overall, Splendia.com does have the better pricing for high-ranking hotels. For additional benefits and services Splendia.com has a program call Club hotel.

The Club has three levels, silver, gold and black. Depending on the level these are extras that are available.

  • Free upgrades
  • Private sales
  • Rewards
  • Money back
  • Extra services, VIP treatment at hotel, continental breakfast for two
Splendia Hotels: Shipping Rates & Policies

There isn't a shipping rate policy, because this company does not ship anything. It is a hotel booking website.

Splendia Hotels: Payment Methods Accepted

No cash. No checks. No Paypal. The payment method is credit card. All transactions are handled online over the website so when booking a room customers are prompted to choose from a selection of credit card types. For reassurance, Thawte has provided Splendia.com with a badge that states that they are 100% secure.

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • UCB
Splendia Hotels: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The cancellation policy is very confusing. In fact, misunderstandings with the cancellation policy are reviewers’ biggest complaint. It really depends on the hotel booked and their policy, but basically guests have up until 15 hours the day before the first night.

In order to cancel a reservation with Splendia Hotels a request must be made in writing through email to reservations@splendia.com.


Splendia Hotels: Product images & screenshots
Splendia Hotels Coupons
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